The Foot and Ankle Service team

Orthopaedic surgeons are medical doctors who have trained in surgery and specialised in bone and joint conditions. The surgeons in our team have trained and specialised further in foot and ankle conditions. Our surgeons are Jim Barrie, based at Royal Blackburn Hospital, and Aamir Zubairy, based at Burnley General Hospital.

Podiatrists carry out general foot care, biomechanical assessment and prescription and provision of orthotics. The podiatrists in our team do nail surgery, but they don’t do any other operations. They are based in the community Musculoskeletal Service teams.

Physiotherapists assess and treat many bone and joint conditions. Our team physios are particularly involved in treating patients with ankle injuries, tendon problems and plantar fasciitis. They are based both in community Musculoskeletal Service teams and in Burnley General and Royal Blackburn Hospitals.

Orthotists carry out biomechanical assessments, prescribe and provide orthotics, splints and special shoes. Our orthotists are based in Royal Blackburn and Burnley General Hospitals.

Nurses in our clinics, wards and pre-surgical assessment departments play a key role in delivering foot and ankle care. We also have a specialist nurse who carries out a wide range of counselling, pre and post-operative support and care and data collection for research.

The secretaries, admission clerks and management staff at both hospitals are also vital to the efficient function of the service. They are often the people you speak to if you ring up about an appointment, a test result or to book your surgery.

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